This type of home heating technology has been in use longer than most people realize. Dating back to the Roman empire, furnaces were used to warm the inside of homes and public places. Furnaces are safer today than they were in the past. They are also inexpensive to operate if they’re taken care of.

Here are five interesting and important facts about furnaces:
  • Furnaces Have Existed for Thousands of Years
    Romans were the first to use furnaces. The earliest recorded use of a furnace dates to 1200 BCE. At the time, they were named hypocausts. Just as a modern furnace, hypocausts operated by using a heat source and transferring the heat through passages into the living areas. Hypocausts were more dangerous than modern furnaces and were only used in stone and brick homes.
  • There Are Local Regulations for Furnace Installation
    In addition to federal regulations, furnace installation has local regulations. You should hire a reputable local heating company to install a new furnace to ensure it adheres to your city’s and state’s regulations. These rules are in place to keep homes safe.

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  • Furnaces Last 15–25 Years
    High-efficiency furnaces typically last 15–20 years. A medium-efficiency furnace has a longer lifespan of 18–25 years on average. If you don’t schedule annual maintenance, then your furnace might not last this long.
  • Gas Furnaces Are Powerful and Economical
    Some people initially prefer electric furnaces over gas furnaces because they assume it would be safer. However, there isn’t a significant difference in safety if you stay on top of furnace maintenance.
  • Maintenance is important for the safety of all types of furnaces but especially so for a gas furnace. Gas furnaces deliver more powerful heat than electric furnaces, so they are typically installed in cold climates. A gas furnace costs less to run in a cold climate compared to an electric furnace.

  • It’s Not Normal to Have a Sudden Rise in Energy Bills
    An expensive heating bill is often blamed on cold weather, but sudden rises in your energy bill are either a result of a lack of maintenance or a broken furnace. All heating systems need professional maintenance at least once a year to continue operating efficiently without high energy bills.

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