HVAC Services for the Denver Metro and Surrounding Colorado Area

During most of the year in Metro Denver, your heating costs are a huge part of all of your monthly energy costs. Keeping warm during the cold weather we get here, though, is a necessity, so matter what the cost is, you can’t just turn off your heat for a few days in order to save some cash. Fortunately, there are some simple—and painless—ways to cut back on your energy costs without sacrificing your heat.

Some of these steps will only take a couple of minutes, and even small changes can bring you big savings.

1.      Change the Filter
Your filters should be changed at least once every three months any time your heater is in regular use. Making sure that your heating system’s filters are clean will allow it to work much less at heating your home and maintaining a comfortable temperature. When your filters are dirty, they’ll prevent your heater from distributing air throughout your Denver home, which will cause your energy costs to rise.

2.      Seal Your Ducts
Any leaks, gaps, or disconnects within your ductwork can cause major problems for your heating system. When your ducts aren’t properly sealed, it can cost you up to 25% more than you should be paying each month for your heating. Sometimes homeowners can repair their ducts on their own, but if you need assistance, the professionals at Summit Heating can guarantee that your ducts are properly sealed.

3.      Take it Down a Notch
Setting your thermostat to just a few degrees lower than you usually have it can help you save a significant amount of money, and chances are that you won’t notice the difference.|

4.      Install a Programmable Thermostat
Programmable thermostats can save Denver area homeowners a great deal of money. They’ll allow you to set your heater to stop heating while your home is empty, then have it back to comfortable temperatures by the time you arrive. You can also set the temperature to be lower while you’re sleeping, but back up by the time you’re up. These are inexpensive, and they are relatively easy to install.

5.      Use Sunlight to Your Advantage
Letting the sun heat up your home during the day is a great way to increase your Denver home’s energy efficiency. Direct sunlight will raise the temperature of your home significantly, so opening your blinds during the day can save you significant money every month.

6.      Get the Flue
If you have a chimney in your home, be sure that the flue is sealed when it’s not in use. Otherwise, much of the heat you’re producing could be escaping right through the chimney.

7.      Tune-Ups
It’s important to make sure that your heating unit has an inspection and tune-up at least once every year to ensure that your machine is running as efficiently as possible, and that you don’t wind up needing emergency repairs for unforeseen problems.

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