HVAC Services for the Denver Metro and Surrounding Colorado Area

Most home owners rely on their air conditioner to regulate the climate of their home. When your AC unit breaks, homes are no longer built to utilize natural airflow from outside because it is not necessary to accommodate for that during construction. In other words, you and your family could be miserable. Luckily, with the help of a professional air conditioning specialist, your unit will be back to proper working order soon. There are some common problems usually associated with air conditioning units and they are all feasible to repair by our expert team.

Common air conditioning issues we see:

Low Coolant

The refrigerant used to cool your air always has the possibility of evaporating. In this case, the fix is as simple as recharging the coolant and you’ll be back to enjoying cool air in no time.

Coolant Leak

Unfortunately, in some cases, your coolant line could have a tiny puncture. If that is the culprit, we can easily find the leak and patch it so you won’t have to worry about it.

Broken Fan

If you hear your unit kick on but feel no blowing air, cool or otherwise, it may mean that your fan is not working properly. This may be as simple as replacing the motor that is responsible for turning the fan or replacing a belt that may be faulty.

Faulty Wiring

There is always the possibility that your air conditioner is the victim of faulty wiring. There is quite a bit of wiring used in the unit and if a connection was no properly secured or s degrading, it could take weeks or months for it to finally affect your system.

No matter what the issue is, our team can expertly troubleshoot it in order to make adequate air conditioner repairs that last. We don’t just replace parts and hope for the best. We work diligently to actually repair the problem so you don’t have to worry about your air conditioning unit breaking down again later on. Give us a call today and we will be right out.

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