Many homeowners avoid scheduling regular HVAC maintenance because they think it’s too expensive. Even those who understand the investment may be hesitant because they’re not sure how to find a reliable company. The good news is that once you discover the right shop, the rest is downhill from there, including the costs. Customers in Denver, CO, for example, have been working with us at Summit Heating & A/C since we opened in 1998 because we deliver on expectations. We also have a history of reliability.

Here are some ways you can find a reliable HVAC company.

Number of Years in Business

While a new HVAC company can be just as reliable as one that has been in business for several years, there is something to be said about a stellar track record. A shop that has kept its doors open for multiple decades should be considered. This means that it has accumulated a roster of clients who probably return for additional services. Plus, it often signals that the company has solid management. The last two decades have seen a few recession-like economic environments, and more recently, a lockdown. Companies that can weather economic storms probably have a solid business model that keeps customers satisfied.

Famous investor Warren Buffet has earned millions through his company because he focuses on buying businesses that can weather economic storms. He also places a high value on finding solid management. Heating, cooling, and ventilation services are not a luxury. To avoid expensive repairs, periodic maintenance is required. A shop that can survive economic downturns has put an exceptional focus on its customers and results.


When it comes to finding a family doctor, accountant, or attorney, you are encouraged to narrow down your list of candidates. Once you have a list of the top three choices, ask them for references. Your goal is to accumulate information that will help you to make the best decision based on several factors. If an HVAC company has references who sing its praises, then you can assume that it is a legitimate and reliable operation. People enjoy their privacy, so not everyone is willing to offer up an opinion or experience. However, a company should be able to provide at least a couple of references who can confirm that the shop is reliable.


Every state has its own set of HVAC licensing requirements. Some states have more red tape than others. At the end of the day, though, an HVAC company should have all of its licensing ducks in a row. Licensing protects you, the consumer, and it also leaves a paper trail in case you need it for reference down the road. The licensing process has several steps, including a knowledge test and background check in most states. This ensures that these professionals who are going to enter homes have the skills needed to do their jobs successfully.

When a company meets these licensing requirements, it will be more likely to meet insurance requirements, too. Obviously, the hope is that you will not need to tap into this insurance, but it is a great safety net.

At this point, you can also ask about the skills of the technicians the business hires. It is very helpful when the shop employs professionals who are certified by organizations such as the North American Technician Excellence (NATE). Additionally, you can inquire about any awards the company’s services have garnered. Most businesses are not shy about sharing that information with potential customers.


A business has to turn a profit to keep its doors open. Without a profit, any company will be forced to close its doors for good eventually. In order to turn that profit, though, it is not wise for a shop to price gauge its customers. Studies find that it is less expensive to retain existing customers than to gain new ones. One way to keep existing customers is to offer reasonable rates. Once an HVAC company wins you over, there is no reason why you would not hand them repeat business. An HVAC unit should be inspected at least once a year. So, while offering reasonable rates may not turn the owners of a cooling and heating service company into millionaires, they can remain open while still turning a profit.

Companies that develop win-win scenarios tend to be among the most reliable. In the HVAC sector, many shops have maintenance programs. These plans offer customers benefits such as priority scheduling, discounts on repairs as well as parts, and normal rates on emergency services. In return for your loyalty, you will be treated like a VIP, which is a win-win for both parties.

Free Estimates

If an HVAC company offers free on-site estimates, there are not too many reasons to turn down the offer.

This is your opportunity to conduct an informal interview. Ask yourself:
  • Did the technicians arrive on time?
  • Were they respectful of my property?
  • Did they explain how they were going to inspect my HVAC system?
  • Were they clear when they explained their findings?
  • Were they courteous throughout the process?
  • Did they leave a copy of their report or notes for me to look over?
  • Did they offer to schedule a follow-up call or appointment?
  • Were they efficient?
  • Did they answer any questions I asked?

Based on your preferences, there are many other questions you can ask yourself about your experience during the free estimate. When the technician leaves, you should have peace of mind and be comfortable working with that company. You can look down the road, too. Is this the company that you want to hire on an annual basis to handle future maintenance, repairs, and replacements?

A free estimate is an opportunity for a shop to show you what it can do and gauge your interest. If nothing goes terribly wrong, the goal is for the business to walk away with a new customer.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to the internet, customer reviews are readily available online. Reading reviews adds another layer to this process for you. Reviews can help you to determine if the HVAC company in question is reliable. Market researchers suggest that consumers should read four- and five-star reviews when searching for positive information about a company or product. For negative information, take a look at the two-star reviews, if there are any. Take one-star reviews with a grain of salt, as some unhappy consumers are prone to exaggerate, knee-jerk reactions. You are trying to paint a realistic picture when reading reviews.

Dependable Services

While you are trying to figure out if an HVAC company is reliable, you need to also determine if it is a good match. Does the business service your system’s brand? If the shop is known to be reliable and experienced with your equipment, you are closer to a solid match.

To find out why Summit Heating & A/C is considered a reliable HVAC company in the Denver and Littleton area, give us a call today. In addition to heating, cooling, and ventilation services, we also offer air quality solutions.

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