Making the right decision for your new furnace can help ensure comfort and energy efficiency for years to come.

By getting answers to a few simple questions, you’ll be on the right track to choosing the ideal furnace for your budget and specifications.
  • What Kinds of Furnaces Are There?
    Furnaces are classified based on the means they use to produce heat. Oil furnaces are very common because of how good a heat source oil is in terms of output. Those who are concerned with the pollutants that an oil furnace releases can elect to purchase an electrical furnace. Electrical furnaces are extremely efficient in turning electricity into heat but are more expensive to run. Natural gas furnaces can be an alternative for those seeking to get some of the benefits of oil and electrical solutions.
  • How Efficient Is My Furnace?
    Furnace efficiency is measured in annual furnace utilization efficiency, or AFUE for short. This rating shows what percentage of fuel consumed by your furnace is actually converted into heat. Older furnaces have ratings between 50% and 70%. Contemporary models can reach efficiencies of 80% to upward of 98%. The higher the rating, the greater the savings on your bottom line.
  • How Large Should My Furnace Be?
    This question should be answered by consulting with a knowledgeable heating expert. You should strive to buy a furnace that is neither too big nor too small for your living space. A furnace that does not match the needs of your home can be inefficient, and its longevity may suffer.
  • What Does Installation Cost Depend On?
    The two main factors that influence the installation cost of your furnace are its size and the fuel source it uses. Ask a reputable professional for an installation quote so that you can properly budget your outlay.
  • What Should I Do About Maintenance?
    Don’t make the mistake of thinking a new furnace can go a few years without maintenance. Planning for regular maintenance can extend your furnace’s life span by several years and keep your home safe and comfortable.

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