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Maybe you just moved, or maybe you just spent all your cash on a new vehicle, or maybe you’re a renter in a new (for you) home. If you’ve discovered that your home is drafty and cold, even though the furnace seems to stay on forever, the problem could be that your home isn’t weatherproofed enough to keep the warm air in.

Heaters work hard in our area of Colorado. But when we live in an older home or a home that needs a little improvement, the windows and doors may be letting all your warm air out and the freezing weather in.

Old, single-pane windows don’t do a lot to keep the cold out, especially the older they are. Even newer doors will have weatherstripping that eventually needs replacing. But there are times when it isn’t feasible for us to be making those repairs or improvements, and then we’re stuck with the cold drafts until we can get them fixed.

There are a few tricks you can use to weatherproof your home that will temporarily help you to keep the warm air inside where it should stay.

The major two things you want to do is cover the windows and put something along the bottom of the door that will allow you to quickly remove it when going in or out.

The second thing you want to do is make sure there aren’t any holes in your walls, corners, floors, or other areas where animals worked their way into the home.

Steel wool is a good tool to fill holes that animals have created. If you have any holes anywhere that were chewed out by vermin, pack the hole with steel wool. Animals don’t like it and it will help to keep them out of the hole again.

You’ll want to temporarily cover the hole on the outside of the house and the inside. Cardboard works well for this on the inside of the home. Pack the hole with the steel wool and then just cover it with cardboard temporarily. You can also pack the hole with cardboard after you put the steel wool in. Cover the outside of the hole with thick vinyl or plastic.

You can get plastic from a number of sources including the shipments you sometimes get for household products. Many things come wrapped in a thick plastic bag or case. Scraps of vinyl can be obtained from old shoes, purses, school or office folders or notebooks, and more.

Old blankets, towels, comforters and sheets make great window coverings. You can nail or tack the tops to the window frame and then roll up the bottom and just tuck it along the window sill (bottom shelf of window frame).

An old towel works great for under the door. Just roll up a towel loosely longwise and lightly press it up along the door threshold.

Covering your windows and the gap under the doorways will do a lot to keep the cold out. But bear in mind, it’s only going to be temporary, especially because eventually you’ll want some light to come in through the windows.

Once you fix the draft problem, the warm air from your heater should sufficiently warm the Denver home. If it’s still having problems keeping the house warm, you could need heating repair. If at any time you need a professional heating repair technician, just call on us here at Summit Heating.

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