In the Denver area, our customers probably think of Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical as the business that handles their heating and air conditioning needs. However, our NATE-certified technicians know about more than just furnaces and cooling units. They are trained in the range of climate control solutions that go by the name HVAC.

You have probably seen those initials on a service van before. Here are the parts of an HVAC system:
Heating: Unless you live in a tropical part of the world, your home or commercial building probably needs to have a heating system. In a full HVAC system, a furnace will pump hot air into ductwork to heat the building. There are several types of fuel, but the most common are natural gas, electricity, and fuel oil. HVAC specialists are trained to install, maintain and repair every aspect of a heating system.
Ventilation: Ventilating systems were once primarily used in commercial buildings without easily opened windows. Today, most homes use ventilation in order to make sure that there is an exchange of fresh and stale air.

As modern buildings are built to be more energy-efficient, there are fewer gaps for air to circulate between the inside and outside. Modern energy recovery ventilation systems can do this work while also transferring heat between indoor and outdoor air streams. This means that the incoming air will not need to be reheated in the winter, saving the homeowner energy costs.

Air conditioning: The final part of a full HVAC system. The air conditioner for a full system has two parts: an exterior unit where warm air is blown out of the house and an interior unit where the air is cooled and sent into the home. The interior unit is normally attached to the furnace, so the same ductwork that carries warm air in the winter also carries cold air in the summer.

At Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical, we are ready to handle all of your home comfort needs. We are specialists in heating, cooling, and air quality solutions. Contact us today and let us keep your home comfortable in every season.
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