Air leaks can begin to form naturally on a home as the structure settles and shifts over time. Unfortunately, this can lead to significant air loss that will increase your energy usage as the HVAC system works harder to cool or heat the interior setting. If you want to find where air leaks are present in your home, there are a few techniques to try.

Hire a Technician to Perform a Blower Door Test

Consider hiring a contractor to do a blower door test with a fan at the entrance of the home to remove all of the air in the building, which will allow outside air to enter where leaks are present. The professional will be able to find leaks near electrical devices, air conditioners, attics, basements, and cable or telephone lines.

Perform the Candle Test

An easy and affordable way to check for leaks is to perform a candle test at night. Close all the windows, doors, and the fireplace flute to seal off areas where air may be entering the building. It’s also important to turn off the central air conditioner during the test. Once that is done, light a candle and walk around each room of the home to determine where leaks may be present, which will cause the flame of the candle to flicker. Check near windows or doors where leaks, as these, are places most likely to have air leaks.

Use an Air Leak Detector

An air leak detector is a useful device that is easy to use when searching for leaks. Point it in areas where you may suspect leaks to be present and, if a leak is discovered, the detector will begin to light up. It’ll light up blue if cold air is coming through or red if warm air is leaking into the home.

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