Preventive maintenance can help keep your system up and running through Denver’s hottest months.

There’s a misconception that Denver summers aren’t that hot. But we know temperatures can reach the 90s and even 100s during June, July, and August, which can test the limits of your air conditioner. Start preparing your HVAC system now to ensure it will keep you cool through the spring and summer.

Here’s how:
  • One: Schedule spring HVAC maintenance with your local HVAC professional. Think of this as an oil change for your air conditioner.
    Your HVAC provider will:
    • Inspect your unit, including the motor, blower, belts, connections, and more
    • Check your refrigerant levels and ductwork for dirt buildup and leaks
    • Clean your air conditioning system to keep it free from dust and debris
    • Make any adjustments needed

    Your system will run more efficiently during the spring and summer and will be less likely to break down when it’s hot outside. Make an appointment now with a trusted professional to check and tune-up your air conditioner.

  • Two: Change your air filter regularly. Air filters keep your HVAC system free from dust and debris that can accumulate in your ducts and can affect your indoor air quality and energy efficiency. But your filter only works if you keep it clean.

    Check your air filter every 30 days during the spring and summer and replace it right away if it’s dirty. This simple action will help prevent blockages that hinder airflow and make your unit work harder to push air through. And it’s something you can do without the help of a professional.

  • Three: Have your ductwork checked for leaks. Ask your HVAC professional to test your ducts for leaks during your regular maintenance call and reseal them if they find anything. Leaky ducts can mean cool air is escaping your system where it’s not supposed to. This can decrease your energy efficiency as the system runs more often to maintain a set temperature on your thermostat, improve your indoor air quality and minimize hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Four: Consider upgrading your air conditioner unit. Air conditioners can last more than 15 years. But at some point, you may be paying more to maintain your existing unit than it would cost to replace and install a new air conditioner. Newer systems are more energy-efficient than past models and can lower your monthly energy bills.

    Spring is a great time to have a new air conditioning system installed. Be sure to check with your local HVAC professional to see if they are running any specials and promotions.

  • Five: Install a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. You’ll enjoy a higher degree of comfort in your home and lower energy bills with a programmable thermostat. That’s because you can set the temperature based on when you wake up and go to sleep and whether you’re home or not. Your air conditioner will run less when you’re not home or asleep while maintaining a more consistent temperature.

Contact Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical to schedule your spring tune-up on your air conditioning system. We’ll make sure you’re ready for Denver’s hottest months and help keep your energy costs low. Plus, we guarantee the job will be done 100% right or it’s 100% Free.

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