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Summit Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to achieving excellence in everything we do.  We have found there are three types of customers the residential heating and air conditioning industry.

Potential Customer We Would Love The Opportunity To Serve, Number 1: REPAIR

There is something wrong, we need to figure out what’s wrong, and we need to know what investment will be required to fix it.  Whether its your furnace, your air conditioner, your indoor air quality equipment, or your water heater, we are a one stop solution to fixing whatever the challenge is.  Simply complete the Contact Us form and we will reach out to you as quickly as we possibly can.

Potential Customer We Would Love The Opportunity To Serve, Number 2: REPLACE

There is something wrong, its probably not the first time, you’ve had it this time, and you’re ready to replace it with something shiny and new.  You may also be looking to add something new, like an air conditioner, humidifier, or a whole home air purification system.  Be warned, you are absolutely going to love us.  Not only are we reasonably priced as you will see in our hundreds of online reviews, we don’t mess around when it comes to providing you the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.  We don’t drop off bids or estimates, we believe in truly serving our customers.  We provide FREE & GUARANTEED PROPOSALS.  We may need to spend a few more minutes evaluating your particular home and application than some of our competitors, and we’re likely to spend a few more minutes learning about your specific wants and needs, but guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.  And if you’re not, we guarantee our work will be 100% Right, or 100% Free.

Potential Customer We Would Love The Opportunity To Serve, Number 3: REPAIR or REPLACE, Not Quite Sure

Perhaps you find yourself a mixture of the first two scenarios above.  Perhaps you’re thinking about getting your existing equipment repaired to last you another year or two, but you would also consider replacement depending on the total investment amount, efficiency, utility savings, comfort level in your home, rebates, and special offers.  The best advice we can give here is to schedule a diagnosis with one of our professional technicians.  Once you have the diagnosis in hand and a better understanding of the investment required to repair your existing equipment, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision as to which direction you would prefer to proceed.

No matter which scenario you find yourself in, it would be an honor for us to have the opportunity to serve you.  Please complete the form on this page and we will have one of the most helpful and friendly customer service representatives on the planet reach out to you as quickly as we possibly can!