It is necessary to know different options of water heaters if you want to replace or upgrade yours. Each apparatus has its pluses and minuses like efficiency, the roominess of the tank, and fuel source. We will try to help you become aware of different appliances to select the best hot water heater.

Water heater types:
  • indirect heater appliance: these units utilize heat, which is delivered by a boiler, heating pump, or furnace. An immersed coil installation has a hot water container with a heat exchanger, which is linked up with a heat pump, boiler, or furnace. And in a tankless appliance, this water heating part is placed in a furnace. So, there is no need for a water storage reservoir. Indirect mechanisms are efficient but it depends on the productivity of the attached heating device.
  • heat pump appliance: its mechanism is similar to tank-type, but there is a heat pump with a small air source, which supplies the primary heating base. In addition to the other heating pumps, the one we are describing uses a refrigerant that draws out heat from the air and transfers it to the heat exchanger, after which the water heating process is implemented. Such heating mechanisms are more efficient than we see in standard water heaters. The disadvantage is its’ cost – it is more expensive. Also, heat pumps may not be comfortable to use in cold environments, because they can cool the environment, which will not be good for basements that should be warm and dry.
  • tankless appliance: tankless water heaters ensure excellent productivity because of their design. Contrary to a tank-type device, which uses energy for heating water even if it is not used, a tankless device works and heats water only when it is required. By using such a system of heating you can decrease expenses by forty-five percent. The device can match up output capacity to your actual hot water need. But it is imperative to ensure that you have the necessary size unit to match the capacity needs of your home.
  • tank-type appliance: tank water heaters have been the standard choice for many years now. Sources of heat include natural gas, electricity, fuel oil, and propane. This type of water heater has a number of diverse capacities that allow you to select the needed size depending on your needs. But the disadvantage of a tank system is that it can be inefficient, and it will not provide the required amount of hot water if the tank size is too small compared to high demand.

We’ve described various types of heaters so you can now buy an appliance that will be the best hot water heater for your home. There are also different brands. Also, it often happens that low-quality installations cause problems with the system. Call us today for a high-quality professional installation to ensure the longest life of your new water heater.

Environmental factors such as quality of water, thermal expansion, water pressure, vent size also affect the productivity of your appliance more than the brand you have chosen.

Here is information about different brands.
  • Rheem
    Rheem heaters operate for more than 12 years on average. Problems are often related to flue sizing, gas pressure, thermal expansion, and water pressure.
  • Bradford White
    The average lifespan of this brand is more than 15 years. Their water heater tanks have magnesium Anode rods, which are harmless for leaching in water. The tank has drain valves that are made of brass. But keep in mind that you will not receive support from the manufacturer unless the appliance is installed by a Licensed Engineer.
  • Ao Smith
    The average lifetime of its’ heaters is more than 19 years. Most tanks are produced in Mexico. Typical problems with the device are caused by crooked nipples and sloppy assembly of gas valves. Like most manufacturers, the company will not repair your water heater if a licensed professional did not install it.
  • State Select
    This brand was bought by Ao Smith. It is widespread among many plumbing contractors. State Select models have tanks similar to AoSmith, which are equipped with a similar Pilot Assembly and Gas Valve. Common issues that users have with this brand are problems with intake.
  • Kenmore
    Kenmore tanks are produced by AO Smith. Their lifespan is more than 16 years on average. Intake and thermocouples are typical problems with this brand. Sometimes it is difficult to receive parts for their heaters, which can take a long time.
  • American
    Ao Smith owns American heaters also. American water heaters were popular in the 1980s and its’ units are still operating nowadays. Lack of some parts is a typical problem. The service is located in Kansas City.
  • Whirlpool
    A typical problem with Whirlpool water heaters is their FVIR lockout, which usually requires the replacement of the tank. The average lifespan of this producer is 12 years.

We hope this information will help you to select the best hot water heater.

It is your choice: expert installation or DIY

Of course, all devices have owner’s manuals with detailed information about the installation process. If you are very skillful at DIY operations then you can install a water heater appliance by yourself. But be aware that you will deal with electricity and gas, which can be dangerous and cause explosions. On the other hand, our expert installers can install your new water heater professionally and correctly. We’ll obtain the proper license if necessary in your city and we’ll ensure the unit is installed safely. Installing your heater appliance professionally is worth the extra cost.

In summary, we’ll take into account the water consumption of your family, your budget, and the location in your home, to name a few, then recommend the best unit for your home. Then we’ll professionally install your new water heater. With Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical you can rest assured we provide the best services for your home.

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