At Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical, we understand the damage that leaking AC vents can cause in a home. There’s a variety of issues that could cause water to condense and then drip from your vents. This water can damage drywall, wood, furniture, and other expensive components of your house. Having a professional address the issue could end up saving you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Dirty Air Filters

If your air filters have a lot of debris built upon them, they can impede the flow of air. This can cause the moisture in the cool air to stick to the fibers and freeze. When the AC unit is turned off, the ice melts and starts to drip off.

Uninsulated Ducts

As cool air flows from the air conditioner through the ducts, it causes the metal to cool down. If these ducts aren’t insulated from the warm air surrounding them, water from the warm air will condense on them. This condensation will gather and can drip between your walls and other hard-to-reach places. Not all ducts are properly insulated when they are installed, so it’s important to get them checked.

Leaking Air Vents

A leaking duct system can cause cool air to escape and leak out from around the vents. This issue can be detected by reaching up to see if there is any air coming out from the edges of your vents. This air can cause water to condense and start dripping down your walls.

Cooling Specialists in Denver

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