A roaring fireplace adds incredible visual appeal to a den or living room. The fire also adds much-needed warmth during the cold months of winter. Is a fireplace efficient, though? A full-service furnace might be the better choice, but some gravitate toward the fireplace option. Which one of these selections is truly the more efficient one?

Review the Ratio

Both gas furnaces and fireplaces come with an energy-efficiency rating. The Annual Fuel Efficiency Ratio logs the amount of fuel necessary to generate heat throughout a home. Not every furnace and fireplace has the same efficiency ratio. A high-end furnace made by a top company could provide an outstanding ratio. A lesser furnace model, however, may not.

Furnaces also operate more efficiently when well-serviced. Old parts or other problems can drag down efficiency, as well. Contact Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical to ask about heater tune-ups and maintenance. Our company serves residents in Denver and the surrounding area.

As for gas fireplaces, they don’t usually come with a high-efficiency ratio. One reason for this takes us back to the point about aesthetic benefits. A gas fireplace draws a lot of fuel from the gas line to create a massive flame. A fireplace’s visuals come with the expense of less efficiency.

Even-Heat Distribution

Efficiency can also refer to how well heat gets distributed throughout the home. A fireplace doesn’t come with ducts, but a furnace does. So, all the heat generated from the furnace finds its way through the ducts and should heat the home evenly. Granted, a problem here or there could lead to some rooms being hotter or cooler than others, but a fireplace won’t heat very much beyond its immediate vicinity.

It’s also important to note that significant problems may arise when only relying on a fireplace for heat. You don’t want pipes to freeze and burst, which can happen when there’s no heat running throughout the house.

If you want to install or fix a furnace, place a call to Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical right now. Our team works on all types of heating and cooling systems. We also service water heaters and provide air quality solutions. Contact us today for more info about our services.

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