As the temperatures outside start to drop and the days get shorter, many families are thinking about how they are going to heat their homes during the winter. Families are probably calling up a variety of heating and cooling companies and hearing that a furnace is a way to go. While this sounds simple on the surface, it is also important to understand how the system works before spending the money to install it. With this goal in mind, how exactly does a furnace heat the home?

The Basics of the Furnace

A furnace relies on a source of fuel to heat the air in the system. The furnace generates heat and transfers this heat to the air. Then, there are blower fans that force this warmed air into the home through a series of ducts. Furnaces are often joined to the air conditioning system to help residents save money by using a single duct system for both devices.

Natural Gas

Some furnaces use natural gas, in which a pilot light turns on a series of burners. These burners reside in a combustion chamber, which creates heat. This heat then transfers to the air, raising the temperature to a point that is set by the thermostat. Then, blowers collect the air and transfer it into the home.

The Electric Furnace

Other furnaces use electricity. Instead of using a pilot light, there is an ignition process that is powered by electricity. There are electric elements that take the place of the combustion chamber. These electrical coils heat up and the current in these coils is used to heat the air. Then, the heat transfers to the air which is then transported into the home.

Contact the Professionals

When families are ready to invest in a heating system that is going to keep their home warm during the winter, it is important to trust an experienced team. The professionals at Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical have placed the needs of the Denver, CO residents ahead of their own from day one. Providing numerous services including heating maintenance, heating repair, furnace installation, and more, their technicians will make sure that everyone stays warm during the winter. Don’t wait for the snow to pile up! Call today to schedule an appointment!

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