Furnaces can be costly to replace. It’s easy to understand why you want your furnace to last as long as possible. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could maximize the life of your furnace? Typically, quality furnaces can last between 15 and 30 years. From the furnace manufacturer to installation, there are several factors that impact your furnace’s longevity.

Quality Installation

Installing a new furnace requires the skill and knowledge of a professional technician. Hiring an unskilled and uncertified person to install your HVAC system can lead to costly repairs and performance issues. Furnaces must be the right size for your home. If not, the appliance will experience mechanical problems.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dust can collect in your furnace. When this happens, it can get trapped in your furnace’s coils, wires, and major components. Yearly maintenance by our technicians at Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical can extend the life of your furnace and can prevent costly breakdowns.

Furnace Location

Furnaces that are located in damp areas such as crawlspaces and basements are exposed to moisture. A moist environment can corrode your furnace and can damage the heat exchanger. This might cause a hazardous leak of carbon monoxide.

Repair History

Repair costs for an old furnace can add up. This is especially true if it breaks down frequently. If your furnace requires frequent repairs, it may be time to replace it. Invest the money that you spend on furnace repair costs in a new furnace. Our skilled technicians at Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical can examine your furnace to determine if it’s time for a replacement.

Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical – Your Quality Heating Solution

For over 20 years, our NATE-certified technicians have serviced furnaces in the Denver metropolitan area. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers. Our services include repairs, installations, and maintenance for heat pumps, water heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces. To discuss your needs and to schedule, an appointment, call Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical today.

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