As a homeowner in Denver, you may only think about servicing your HVAC system when something goes wrong, and you need costly repairs or pay your monthly utility bill. The experts at Summit Heating & A/C educate homeowners about the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance to help them find ways to better manage their budgets and protect their investment in heating and cooling equipment.

What is HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance from Summit Heating & A/C is much more than just taking care of repairs. The service helps keep your heating and cooling systems in good condition. Like any piece of equipment, a heating and cooling system relies on clean filters, proper lubrication, quality parts, sound electrical operation, and other factors to work safely and efficiently. When these aspects of your HVAC system are ignored, you spend more on repairs, utilities, and even replacing the equipment.

What is Included With HVAC Maintenance?

HVAC maintenance from Summit Heating & A/C includes:
  • Changing filters
  • Checking and filling lubricants
  • Replacing worn-out parts
  • Performing repairs
  • Checking system operation, including temperature controls, electrical system, and more
  • Cleaning drains and lines
  • Looking for any issues that may affect the operation, efficiency, and safety
  • Educating homeowners about the best ways to use their heating and cooling systems

HVAC Maintenance Boosts Energy Efficiency

Many Denver homeowners wonder if HVAC maintenance is beneficial. Believe it or not, routine maintenance for your heating and cooling system improves the energy efficiency of your equipment. Over time, you see a return on this affordable investment through reductions in your monthly utility costs. HVAC systems that are well-maintained work as designed by the manufacturer, and you can expect to see the efficiency levels that are defined in the product information.

Maintaining Your HVAC System Improves Indoor Air Quality

In addition to energy savings, HVAC maintenance is known to improve indoor air quality in Denver homes. The service includes filter changes to ensure that dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne particles are trapped in the filters. Without proper HVAC maintenance, these particles circulate inside the ducts and your home. You may have dust buildup on your furniture, experience allergy-like symptoms, and more because of poor air quality that can be remedied with routine HVAC maintenance from Summit Heating & A/C.

Protect Your HVAC Equipment

Operating a heating and cooling system without performing routine maintenance jeopardizes the investment in your heating and cooling equipment. Systems that are not maintained work harder to keep your home comfortable. The additional stress on the parts, belts, and components increases the chances of frequent repairs and even a complete breakdown of the unit.

Save Money on Costly Repairs

As with any type of machinery, HVAC equipment relies on small parts and components that are designed to work together. Over time, these parts experience wear and tear. Small issues, such as worn belts and bolts, lead to larger problems if they are not tended to quickly. By having a technician from Summit Heating & A/C perform minor repairs as part of HVAC maintenance services, you protect the HVAC system from developing much larger problems that require costlier repairs and even replacement of the entire unit.

Equipment Warranties and HVAC Maintenance

Have you read the entire warranty for your HVAC equipment? You may have noticed that the manufacturer requires that you keep detailed maintenance records for the equipment. Manufacturers want to protect their interests and ensure that warranty coverage only applies to defects from the factory. If you are unable to document that you maintain the HVAC equipment, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. In these cases, you are responsible for all repairs, even if there is a manufacturer defect.

How Long Does HVAC Maintenance Take?

HVAC maintenance from Summit Heating & A/C is not only good for your heating and cooling system, but it is also convenient and reliable. Our technicians perform HVAC maintenance almost daily, and they know how to complete the job quickly and effectively. When you call to schedule the appointment, we provide an estimate of how much time is needed based on the size of your home and the type of HVAC equipment.

Should You Do HVAC Maintenance Yourself?

HVAC maintenance does include some basic tasks that can be completed by the average Denver homeowner, such as changing out filters, but most of the tasks require in-depth knowledge and experience of heating and cooling systems. Safety is another reason why homeowners should leave routine maintenance to expert technicians from Summit Heating & A/C. Heating and cooling equipment relies on high electrical currents, and you risk injury if you are not adept at working on these types of machines. Many Denver residential heating systems produce carbon monoxide, and working on them without the proper level of knowledge can place your family at risk.

Routine HVAC Maintenance Schedule

For most homeowners, we recommend HVAC maintenance two times per year. Your heating system should be maintained in the fall, and your cooling system should be maintained in the spring. The timing coincides with the changes in weather patterns and ensures that your family is comfortable throughout the year.

Factors for More Frequent HVAC Maintenance

There are times when we recommend more frequent HVAC maintenance schedules with Summit Heating & A/C. If you are prone to allergies or have someone in your household with a chronic medical condition, we may recommend maintenance every three months. When the Denver area experiences periods of high winds that introduce dust and debris into your heating and cooling system, an extra maintenance appointment ensures that the system runs efficiently and safely. Older HVAC equipment also requires more frequent maintenance.

Other Services for Your HVAC System

Summit Heating & A/C offers several services that are excellent complements to routine HVAC maintenance. Duct cleaning and repair keep airborne particles out of your ductwork that delivers and circulates air throughout your home. We also may recommend that you upgrade your HVAC filters to HEPA products to trap smaller particles, such as viruses, mold spores, odors, and bacteria. If you are looking for ways to save even more money on your utility bills, zoning systems, and updated thermostats can help. Zoning systems control were heated and cooled air is delivered in your home while protecting your equipment. Programmable thermostats let you set up standard temperatures for different times of the day. These affordable products help you reduce energy waste caused by constant changes to the thermostat.

Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Today

Since 1998, Summit Heating & A/C has provided HVAC services for homeowners in Denver and surrounding areas. Our technicians are NATE-certified, so you can rest assured that the work is done to the highest standards. If your heating and cooling equipment needs attention, or if you are looking for a new HVAC system, we can help. We offer installation, repairs, and maintenance, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all services.

When the Denver winter sets in, we can help with your furnace and heat pump needs, including emergency heating repairs. Have indoor air quality problems? We have the best air purifiers, cleaners, filters for your home. Call us today to learn more about our company and services, and be sure to ask about our water heater installation and repairs.

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