It is very well-known that a quality boiler can work fine for at least 15 years. However, it does not mean that it will keep on functioning properly throughout this time period. As time passes, the boiler will struggle to heat your home. It will lose efficiency and functionality as well. It is important to choose a quality product the first time around because when you choose a substandard product, you just throw your money away.

Reasons to Choose a Quality Boiler

Following are some reasons why you need to choose a quality boiler:
  • Long-Lasting
    A quality boiler has a long useful life. You can keep benefitting from it for a long period of time. However, cheap boilers don’t last long and you have to get them repaired several times during this time period.
  • Energy Efficient
    When you choose a quality boiler, although you invest more money in the first place, it offers you value later on. These types of boilers are energy-efficient and help you save money in the long run. The operating costs are also very low, and if you have acquired them on a lease, you can easily pay the lease payments by saving money from the energy expenses.
  • Value for the Money
    By quality boiler, it does not mean that you have to choose the one with the highest price tag. It’s possible that you can get the best boiler at a lower price. By quality, it means that you have to choose the one that gives value for your money and can help you stay warm in the winter season by maintaining the temperature of your home.
    These are some reasons why you should choose a quality boiler. If you already have a boiler that has served you for quite a while now, you may be wondering when it is the ideal time to get it replaced. To help you out, here are six signs that indicate that it is the perfect time to change your boiler with a newer one.

Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler

Following are some signs that you should notice in your boiler:
  • Old Boiler
    One of the very first signs is the age of your current boiler. There is no rocket science in this matter and even an amateur can let you know that an old boiler needs a replacement for many good reasons. If the age of your current boiler is more than 15 years, it is definitely a sign to replace it. No matter how well you have maintained it, the fact that it is outdated makes it inefficient. You can find better boilers with more features due to advancements in technology.
  • Slow Heating
    You may notice that your current boiler is taking lots of time to heat your home. This is a clear sign that your boiler is no longer efficient and you should look to get it replaced as early as possible. Some people are of the view that in this situation, repair services are a better option as they cost less and make the boiler functioning again. Unfortunately, this is not the solution. No matter how many times you get your current boiler serviced or repaired, its efficiency cannot be restored to the original level. It will work fine for some months but after that, it will fail again. New and advanced boilers heat rooms and homes more quickly than outdated boilers.

Frequent Repairs Needed

As mentioned above, when you see that your boiler needs repair services frequently, you should look to replace it as early as possible. It is better to replace the boiler than waste money on repair and maintenance services.

Not Warming the Home

During the winter season, if you witness that your home isn’t warm even after turning the heating switch on, it is a clear sign that your boiler needs replacement. In some rare cases, the cause may be due to your radiators and you can get them checked by heating engineers. If the radiators are in good shape, the issue is with the boiler and not the radiators.

Smell Coming Out of the Boiler

You may notice that on some occasions a faint smell comes out of the boiler. The smell is because the boiler has started to emit carbon monoxide. If the issue is caused by the boiler not burning properly, you may notice some dark marks on the casing of the boiler as well. These marks are caused by the leakage of carbon monoxide. You should look out for these marks and when you notice those, take action immediately.

Boiler Making Noise

Boilers are generally silent and do not cause any sort of noise. If you notice that there is some unusual noise coming out of the boiler, it is a sign that you should get the boiler replaced with a newer one. There can be different reasons for this noise. However, wear and tear of the fan and pump are the most common reasons. You can also employ the help of professionals in this regard.

These are 6 signs that indicate you need to get your boiler replaced as soon as possible. There is no point in wasting money on boilers that are not heating the home properly. By getting a new boiler with advanced features, not only can you save a good amount of money, but you can also keep yourself from the hassle of calling a technician to check the problem with the old boiler. Make a smart move and replace your old boiler as soon as you start to witness these signs in your boiler.

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative. We look forward to helping you with more useful articles in the future as well. Stay connected!

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