There’s nothing better than a cool air conditioner on a hot summer day. As good as a ceiling fan and open windows are, they can fall short when compared to a powerful AC cooling off your home. However, there are multiple types of AC units on the market, so you need to determine which is the best option for your home.

Rooftop AC units and side-yard units are two of the most common styles out there. Purchasing the wrong type will get the job done but will be less efficient overall. Other factors include the lifespan of the unit, energy consumption, and noise level. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of rooftop air conditioners and side-yard air conditioners.

Rooftop Air Conditioners

Rooftop AC units are some of the most popular in stores today. As the name suggests, these units are attached to your roof and connect to the interior of your home via a series of ducts. This connection allows it to function just like any other AC.

There are a couple of advantages of roof positioning. First, hot air naturally tends to rise. The warm air inside your home is fed directly into a rooftop AC, and cool air is pushed downwards once it has gone through the system. An AC that is not positioned on the rooftop will be sucking in both warm and cool air. Therefore, its efficiency is cut by a significant margin. When the unit uses the basic laws of nature to assist its job, it can reach unparalleled levels of effectiveness.

Rooftop units are also advantageous from a physical standpoint. It doesn’t take up any extra room on your property, allowing you to enjoy every square inch of your backyard or patio. Moreover, all the components of the AC are located in one central location. The outdoor components are on top of your roof, and the indoor components are located right there on the interior side. This allows for extremely easy maintenance and repairs. There’s no need to travel back and forth and spend precious minutes trying to figure out the source of the issue.

Side-Yard Air Conditioners

Rooftop AC units sound effective, so why would anybody opt for a side-yard AC unit? One reason is diversity. There are many more side-yard models than rooftop models, so there are simply more options to choose from. You can further customize these side-yard units to the needs of you and your home.

Every year, side-yard units become more advanced than ever before with the latest technology. These models are especially quiet, which means you won’t hear a loud buzzing sound when the AC is on. Newer side-yard models are also smaller than ever. They really don’t take up much space at all, nearly negating one previous drawback of side-yard units. While this type of AC was once stereotyped as bulky and unwieldy, it is now decently compact and not a major burden to the side of your home.

Side-yard units can often be aligned with other appliances and utilities to blend in and not stick out like a sore thumb. Consider positioning it next to water and power lines to separate it from the beauty of your backyard.

Finally, the fact that these units come in multiple parts is an advantage. Although it might take a little longer to repair, you can replace a certain part without investing in an entire AC. This is a huge relief for your wallet if something does break down in the long run.


AC cleaning will inevitably need to be done in the future for both rooftop and side-yard models. There are different means of caring for these types of units. Rooftop AC units tend to be the target of leaves from trees and bird droppings that happen to land on your roof. You’ll need to clean this debris off the AC from time to time. Similarly, side-yard AC units attract branches and bugs that inhabit nearby bushes.

No matter which model you choose, you’re going to have to clean it periodically. If one position is much more exposed to the elements than the other, this could be a deciding factor. It can become tedious to constantly clean your AC because it is bombarded by debris every single week. It’s much better to find a relatively peaceful spot for the AC that is out of the way of Mother Nature.


Similarly, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance on the AC. Tasks include inspecting the fan, tightening the belt, and replacing filters. Once again, it is a question of which location will be more accessible. If you don’t have an easy means of getting on the roof, this could clearly pose a problem. You need a sturdy ladder to ascend to the roof, and once you get there, some homeowners are understandably nervous about working high above the ground. Your roof might not even have enough safety precautions to feel safe. This should always be considered.

On a similar note, a side-yard air conditioner can be better or worse depending on the location. It’s a common misconception that a side yard unit is positioned right next to your garage for easy access. Instead, the AC is often in the back where it has easy access to water and power lines. In general, your yard allows for easier maintenance than your roof.

You should consider whether you will be performing all this maintenance yourself or calling upon a professional company to do the work for you. There’s no shame in requesting assistance for even the smallest tasks. AC units are deceptively difficult to inspect and take apart. Summit Heating & A/C in Denver can adeptly handle all of the maintenance for whichever AC system you have.

Installing Air Conditioners

There are pros and cons to both rooftop air conditioners and side-yard air conditioners. Both are highly effective methods of cooling off your home, and you’ll definitely want one or the other as things heat up. When making a decision, think about the size of your home and whether convenience is a priority for this appliance. There aren’t any right or wrong answers, but you’ll have to come to a conclusion as a homeowner.

When it’s time to install the system, you can turn to the professional service provided by Summit Heating & A/C in Denver. Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities, and we will take every measure possible to set you up with a quality AC unit. Our experienced employees will install the AC very quickly, and you can always contact us down the line for repairs and replacements.

Not only do we handle AC units, but we are also proficient at furnace replacement, heat pump repairs, and air purifiers. We can’t wait to fulfill all your air conditioning needs. To get started on cooling your home, please give us a call today!

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