You may see the terms AC and HVAC used interchangeably at times. There are, however, some significant differences. HVAC includes AC and is a more comprehensive perspective on home comfort. Let’s have a closer look in order to appreciate the distinction better.

Air Conditioning

Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical serves the Greater Denver area, and we offer services related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Although air conditioning can be a rather broad term, it’s focused specifically on cooling an indoor environment in practical usage. You can have a stand-alone AC solution, such as a window unit, but many homes have centralized air conditioning or a similar solution because they’re much more efficient over the long term.

Heating and Ventilation, Too

In a modern home, you need more than just an AC. You need heating as well in order to stay warm during the cooler months. You also need ventilation. A ventilation system helps move cooled and warmed air throughout the home. It also helps provide fresh air. Modern homes are tightly sealed in order to be more energy-efficient. However, a tight seal can exacerbate indoor air pollution due to concentration levels.

A Comprehensive Approach to Home Comfort

HVAC as a mechanical engineering science extends beyond just heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It encompasses all of the technologies that pertain to indoor comfort. Many HVAC companies install and service whole-home humidifiers, for instance, because they make homes feel warmer in winter at lower temperatures. This reduces your monthly energy expenses as well as your long-term maintenance costs. HVAC also extends to air purification, which reduces indoor air pollution, and smart thermostats, which let your HVAC system communicate with other smart aspects of your home.

Excellence in Home HVAC

In addition to providing a broad range of heating and cooling services, Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical can help you maintain the best air quality possible. We sell air filters as well as install and service air cleaners and air purifiers. Call us at your earliest convenience to learn more about how we can serve you.

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