Winter is a time when you can’t do without your home heating system. At the same time, you don’t want to incur huge energy bills because you’d like to stay warm. What can you do? There are various strategies you can apply to stay warm without consuming more energy than necessary. Here are three heating hacks to keep you warm.

Spin the Ceiling Fan in Reverse

Everyone knows that turning on the ceiling fan will make a room cooler in the summertime. However, not everyone realizes that the same device can help keep them warm in the winter. If you reverse the rotation of the fan, it will turn in the opposite direction. Instead of drawing heat up from below, the fan will be collecting heat that is spread over the ceiling and blowing it down to heat the room.

Bring Back the Rugs and Carpets

You love the beauty of your wood or tile floors, and you wouldn’t like to have them covered. Nevertheless, in the winter, they can get extremely cold. Since heat rises, trying to sufficiently warm a hard surface underfoot is costly and difficult. You can easily make the process much more efficient by spreading rugs and carpets over your floor. If you do this, the rugs will absorb heat faster and act as insulation. You’ll notice that your house will be much warmer.

Control Your Curtains

You may not have realized that you have a free source of heat. Although the winter sun alone isn’t sufficient to keep your home comfortable without using heating equipment, you’d be surprised how much difference it can make. Simply be aware of this and open your curtains or blinds whenever sunlight is falling directly on your windows. This could warm your room by several degrees. At night, however, your precious heat is trying to escape through those same windows. Even double-glazed panes allow some loss. The solution is easy enough. Just remember to close those curtains and blinds at dusk.

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