When you are getting ready to schedule service for your HVAC systems, you might wonder whether or not it is a good idea to get your furnace and A/C tune-up at the same time.

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your HVAC systems working at peak performance. Having your furnace and your AC checked on a seasonal basis is always recommended.

However, in an effort to save money, many homeowners might think it’s a good idea to schedule maintenance for both systems at the same time. This is a common concern we run into, but if you don’t have all the facts you may be compromising your HVAC investment.

In a very astute analogy, one HVAC professional compared consolidating your furnace and A/C inspections to driving double the miles you should between oil changes. If you wouldn’t put your vehicle at risk, why should you do so for as big an investment as your HVAC systems?

Service each system separately, twice a year, six months apart

Along with other top HVAC specialists, we recommend that both your furnace and your A/C systems be serviced separately, each about six months apart. Although the two systems share many of the same components—ductwork and wiring, most notably—they each have their peak season.

Conducting regular service before and after their respective seasons will ensure that they will perform efficiently when you need them most. It will also catch any damage or issues that may have happened during the season, giving you a chance to address them before too much time goes by.

Your technician will certainly be able to identify any problems that exist within the scope of your systems’ shared elements at any inspection. These activities are routine, meaning you will never compromise one aspect of the service in favor of another. That said, a dedicated inspection for your furnace and another one for your A/C will catch any problems before they become major issues down the line.

Having your inspections done twice a year is more likely to identify problems early enough that they won’t have done any major damage. It’s always better to catch a problem when it’s small rather than wait until it is either imminent or an emergency.

Seasonal checkups are best

Ideally, your systems should be checked nearest to the time you will need them most. For furnaces, this should be in the fall when the weather starts to cool down. Checking your furnace while it’s still warm outside could prevent the unit from responding properly to the diagnostic tests.

Similarly, your A/C system should be tested when it is warm enough to get an accurate gauge of the refrigerant pressure. If the ambient temperature is still cool, the system will not respond in quite the same way.

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