Winter is just around the corner and now is the best time to start preparing for it. In order to prepare for winter, besides buying warm clothes, you also have to think about upgrading the heating system in your home. Many homes have conventional centralized heating and cooling systems installed in them. Although these types of heating systems have helped mankind stay warm in the winter season, they are not as affordable to operate. These types of heating systems cost lots of money and this is the reason why you have to start thinking about other options that are not only affordable but offer value for the money as well.
One of the latest advancements in these systems is underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating systems come in three variants or types that you can have installed in your homes to replace the existing central heating systems. These types of systems are becoming more popular as they are easy to install, cost-effective, and energy-efficient as well. As compared to traditional heating systems, these are very affordable and long-lasting too.

Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are three main types of underfloor heating systems. Here we will discuss them one by one in detail along with their features and benefits.
  • Wired Electric Underfloor Heating
    This type of underfloor heating system is created by electrically conductive cables that are laid underneath the floor in an even manner across the room. The manner in which the cables are laid resembles that of a kettle. The current is passed through the wiring that generates heat and warms the surrounding air. When the current is passed, the heat rises and this heat warms the floor. From the floor, the heat follows the laws of physics and travels through the air, thus making the room warm. The walls also become warm and make the room or space very cozy to reside in during the winter season.

    The benefit of Wired Electric Underfloor Heating

    One of the best benefits of this type of underfloor heating system is that these are controlled by a thermostat. If you want, you can get separate thermostats for each room as well. Another similar option is electrical mats that you can get for subflooring. You can lay these mats on the subflooring and there will be no loose wires lying around, and the room will look as clean as you like.

  • Forced Air Underfloor Heating
    This method is one of the oldest in the history of heating systems. Ancient Romans were the first on record to have used this type of method. In this type of heating system, a series of ducts are installed underneath the flooring of the house. These ducts are connected to a furnace, or in most cases, a boiler. This furnace or boiler is powered by natural gas or oil. When the boiler is heated up, it heats up the air. This heated air travels through the ducts and exits out to the room through the vents. There are different types of forced underfloor heating systems available depending on the type of flooring you have. Some types of forced air systems heat the room via conduction and others by convention.

    The benefit of Forced Air Underfloor Heating System

    One of the best benefits of this type of heating system is that it heats up the room rapidly. However, the biggest drawback is that it is not the most energy-efficient, which is why most people do not prefer this type of underfloor heating system.

  • Hydro Underfloor Heating System
    This type of underfloor heating system is one of the most used and also one of the most effective. In this type of underfloor heating system, a series of metal pipes is installed underneath the flooring. This network of metal pipes is connected to a water connection and boiler. The boiler heats up the water and this heated water is passed through the pipes continuously. As a result of the passing of water, heat is generated and emerges from the pipes in the form of radiation, subsequently heating the room from below.

    Benefits of Hydro Underfloor Heating System

    One of the best benefits of this type of heating system is that it is very easy to install. No matter if it is an old house or a brand new one, you can easily get it installed. This method of heating is more preferred to a radiator-based central heating system. It provides an even form of heat distribution and heats up the room quickly. Even if you turn the thermostat off, the room will remain warm because of the hot water in the metal pipes. However, it will cool down slowly and gradually.

    These are three types of underfloor heating systems that you can choose for your home. If you are moving to a new home, it is better to choose underfloor heating systems for a number of reasons. First, they are very easy to install, and second, they are easy to maintain as well. You don’t have to clean them as much as other heating systems. Using underfloor heating systems, not only can you keep yourself warm in the chilling winter season but you can also save lots of money in the long run. As opposed to other types of heating systems, the fact that these heating systems provide heat not hot air, you can keep yourself safe from breathing disorders and diseases as well. There is no chance of bacteria entering your home, and your home will also remain clean.

We hope that after reading this article, you will have gained enough knowledge on underfloor heating systems and that you have learned why you should get them installed in your home. You will witness a change in your home and the air quality of your home will improve as well.

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