During the cold winter months of the year, many people rely heavily on their furnaces. While you want to make sure that your furnace is able to turn on and heat your home, you also want it to turn off once your home has reached the proper temperature. If you notice that your furnace is not turning off even when your home is warm, there are several things that you can and should do.

Replace Furnace Limit Switch

The most common reason why a furnace may not turn off is that the limit switch is not functioning properly. The limit switch is designed to signal the furnace to turn off once your home is warm enough. If it is not working, the furnace will not know to turn off. Replacing this switch should quickly solve the problem.

Check Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat that is not working properly, it could lead to your furnace constantly being on. If you notice that your furnace is not turning on and off based on changes that you make to your thermostat, this piece is likely to blame. Replacing the thermostat with a brand new one should help solve your problem.

Contact a Professional

If your furnace continues having a problem with turning off, you should call a professional heating and air conditioning service to evaluate your furnace. Summit Heating & A/C can help people in the Denver, CO, area by making sure that their furnace is properly working. If your furnace will not turn off, Summit Heating & A/C will be able to complete a full inspection and then complete any repairs that are necessary.

If you are having any issues with your furnace in the Denver area, contact us at Summit Heating & A/C for an inspection and evaluation. We can provide you with any of your HVAC repairs, maintenance or installation needs to ensure your home is safe and comfortable all winter long.

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