When the Denver summer heat comes rolling in, there is no escaping it. While many people don’t think about buying an air conditioner until they really need one, choosing to buy may be more advantageous at a time when you don’t really need it.

In the summer months, it’s a simple case of high demand. At these times of the year, retailers and manufacturers both tend to take advantage of public need and so you may experience higher prices because of this.

Knowing this, you may think that buying an air conditioner in the winter will save you a lot of money, but that is not always the case either. Some suppliers offer serious discounts on air conditioners and A/C systems during the winter in order to generate business during their slow time but don’t count on it. The best time to shop for a new A/C unit is actually between seasons—either in the spring or the fall.

Why it’s best to buy an air conditioner in the off-season

Purchasing a new air conditioner in the off-season is a good idea for many reasons. First, the off seasons are low-demand times of the year. People aren’t thinking too much about how hot or how cold it’s going to get so demand is low. Often, this means pricing is low as well.

Secondly, spring and fall are not the busiest times of the year for HVAC companies. In the summer, HVAC companies experience higher volumes because of air conditioning-related repairs, service, and so on. In the winter, we are focused on furnaces – and this is a crucial aspect of what we do because when you’re without heat in the cold Denver winter, it can be more than just uncomfortable – it can be deadly.

Choosing the right HVAC company is key to A/C value

The HVAC company that installs your new unit is arguably as important as the unit itself.

Choosing a reputable company to do your installation is crucial to ensure you get the most value for your dollar. An improperly installed A/C system will end up costing you more, not just for the unit, but on your monthly energy bills as well.

Your new air conditioner needs to be the right size for your space and it needs to be installed properly for best results. Skimping on the installation is never a good idea! Having to pay for your installation twice is not usually anybody’s description of good value.

Our N.A.T.E. certified HVAC technicians are well-qualified to advise you on the best possible deals on air conditioning for your home or business. We can also help you choose units that offer government-funded Xcel Energy rebates, helping you save even more.

Summit Heating, A/C, Plumbing & Electrical offers a wide range of brands and types of air conditioners to choose from. Call today to learn more about how we can help.

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