In Mile High City, we know that families face steep winter heating costs. Sometimes, homeowners think it’s wise to close off vents in unused rooms. While this may seem like it saves money, it can lead to damage to your HVAC system.

Closing Vents Doesn’t Save Money

Your heater/air conditioner runs optimally when a certain air pressure runs through the system. Closing off air vents creates air pressure that is abnormally high. When the pressure gets to be too much, other parts of the system may compensate in ways that lead to damage.

HVAC systems will send the same amount of warm or cool air regardless of what you do with the vents. Therefore, you cannot save energy by closing some of them.

Closing Too Many Vents Might Hurt Your HVAC System

The story does not end there. If you close too many vents, other parts of the HVAC system will try to compensate for the abnormal condition. This is where damage may be inadvertently caused.

Most HVAC units have PSC blowers. These blowers are designed to lower airflow when they detect too much air pressure in the system. In the winter, if you close off some vents to an unused room, the blower will send out less air. This might cause your heat exchanger to overheat and possibly crack.

In the summer, closing off air vents may also cause damage. When the PSC blower reduces its air production in the system, your evaporator cooling coil could ice up. This might, in turn, lead to a damaged compressor.

Therefore, you will not save money by closing some vents in your home. The system will still put out the same amount of cool or warm air, regardless of the position of the vents. However, closing off too many vents can lead to unintended consequences that require HVAC system repairs.

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