Just like others, you may be tempted to run your air conditioning unit just before or during a storm since storms bring heat and humidity with them. However, you shouldn’t run your air conditioning unit during a storm as the storm can damage it. For instance, the storm can cause a power surge, which can damage the electrical system of your air conditioning unit. Your air conditioning unit is likely to have the following signs after it sustains storm damage.

1. Strange Noises Coming From the AC

An air conditioner is not supposed to produce a lot of noise when it’s running. Its motor is only supposed to produce some sound. However, if your AC unit starts making strange noises after a storm, there is a high chance is that it has sustained storm damage. The noises may be in the form of screeching, rattling or buzzing sounds. Mostly, these noises are caused by loose debris in your air conditioner, which may have entered your outdoor AC unit during the storm. If this debris is not removed from the unit, it may start to overheat or even fail.

2. Failure of the AC Unit to Power on

A power outage is likely to occur during a storm. If your AC unit fails to power back on after the electricity turns back on, the high chance is that it may have been damaged. The power surge may have led to capacitor damage, blown fuses or burnt wires, making the AC fail to power on. If this happens to your AC unit, let us fix it by replacing the damaged capacitors, fuses and wires. We will also install a surge protector in the AC system to prevent such a scenario from happening again.

3. Failure of Your AC Unit to Blow Cool Air Like It Used To

If your AC unit is not blowing cool air like it used to before strong winds started blowing, it may have sustained storm damage. The storm probably led to the damage of the compressor’s refrigerant lines. As a result, the cooling efficiency of the unit may have gone down. If this issue is not fixed immediately, your energy bills may drastically increase.

4. Failure of Your Circuit Breaker to Reset

Your AC unit’s circuit breaker is likely to trip after a random outage occurs during a storm. When the power is back, reset the circuit breaker and turn the AC unit back on. If the circuit breaker won’t reset, your air conditioner has probably sustained electrical damage. If this happens to your air conditioner, you should let us fix this damage.

5. An AC Unit’s Circuit Breaker That Keeps Tripping

If your AC unit’s circuit breaker keeps tripping even after turning it back on, the AC unit may have sustained electrical damage during a storm. This damage may make your AC unit overheat, causing it to draw too much electricity. After noticing that the circuit breaker is repeatedly tripping, don’t turn it on as turning it on may lead to a fire outbreak. Instead, contact our HVAC contractors.

6. Leaking Refrigerant

The tubes in your AC unit may get damaged during a storm. When this happens, the refrigerant may start leaking from these pipes. A leaking refrigerant is usually indicated by sounds similar to the sounds produced by steam when it’s being released from an appliance.

Leaking refrigerant prevents the unit from blowing as much cool air as it’s supposed to blow. Don’t attempt to refill the refrigerant when this happens. Instead, turn the AC unit off and contact us so that we can repair your AC unit.

7. Burning Electrical Smell

A burning electrical smell coming from your air conditioning unit may be a sign of AC storm damage. This smell is usually a result of an electrical problem, such as a short circuit or a damaged electrical motor. If you notice such a smell, shut off your air conditioning unit and contact us immediately.

8. Buzzing Sound Coming From Your Air Conditioning Unit

Power outages that occur during storms can cause electrical disruptions in an air conditioning unit. For instance, they can lead to problematic electrical circuits. These circuits, in turn, can start producing a buzzing sound. When you hear this sound coming out of your air conditioning unit, don’t try to fix the problem. You may get electrocuted. Instead, turn the unit off, and call us so that we can fix it.

9. Irregular Temperatures

The window units of your AC unit may get damaged during storms. That can make your AC start malfunctioning, causing irregular temperatures. If this happens, you will experience different temperatures in different zones of your house.

10. Moisture Near Your Air Conditioning System

Another sign of an air conditioner that has sustained storm damage is moisture near the unit. This moisture may result from refrigerant leakage that occurred after refrigerant tubes got damaged by the storm. Don’t ignore this issue, as moisture can encourage mold growth. Instead, let our HVAC contractors replace the damaged tubes.

What to Do If Your Air Conditioner Suffers Storm Damage

If you suspect that your air conditioner has sustained storm damage, you should let one of our HVAC contractors fix it. Our technicians will carefully check your air conditioner to determine whether it’s damaged. If the unit is damaged, one of our technicians will repair your unit.

Our skilled technicians will also remove any debris in the AC unit’s condenser. Clearing this debris will help prevent further damage. Before removing the debris, they will cut the power to the AC unit and remove the access panel. This panel is usually the top or sidewall of the condenser. They will then remove the debris from the fan blades and inner walls of the condenser using a soft-bristled brush. They will also remove any debris, leaves and tree limbs near the unit. That will help ensure that debris does not accumulate on top of the condenser in the future.

If your AC unit’s electric motor got damaged during the storm, our HVAC contractors will replace it with a high-quality electric motor. Other things that these HVAC contractors will do include:

  • Replacing damaged electrical wires
  • Replacing damaged AC window units
  • Replacing damaged AC unit tubes
  • Eliminating any standing water around your AC unit

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