With a perfectly working air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about rising temperatures during the hot months. You simply turn on your AC, and the cool breeze makes every room in your home cool and comfy. However, it’s easy to forget about such a vital component in your house, especially when it’s working properly. In fact, some people only pay attention to their cooling systems when they have an issue.

When you have a malfunctioning AC on a hot day, your indoor space becomes uncomfortable, and the heat can damage your building. Scheduling tune-up services with an expert ensures that your AC is in top shape during the summer. Here are seven more reasons why AC tune-up is essential.

1. Prevents Major Breakdowns

When temperatures are at their highest, your air conditioner works hard to cool your living space. This also means your AC is under immense strain, and the various parts undergo wear and tear much faster. As a result, there is a high chance of experiencing AC breakdowns during the summer.

One of the most effective ways of avoiding sudden breakdowns is through professional AC maintenance. During preventative maintenance services, an experienced technician will assess your system on the inside and outside. Owing to a technician’s expertise, they can spot anything that can lead to a breakdown in the future. This ensures that your appliance runs throughout the summer without any significant issues.

2. Longer System Life

Many air conditioners can last about 10-15 years. However, the right care is vital in ensuring that you maximize the lifespan of your unit. In some cases, your cooling unit may even exceed the estimated lifespan. Since a new AC is a significant investment, you want it to last many years. However, if you don’t schedule regular AC tune-ups, your unit will likely give out earlier than expected.

Your AC has several pieces of equipment that need regular care to stay in perfect condition. Maintenance procedures such as cleaning your system may seem simple, but they go a long way toward ensuring a longer AC life. Also, regular checks by a trained professional keep your cooling system functioning at the top of its game.

3. Improved Energy Efficiency

An air conditioner that isn’t professionally maintained doesn’t operate at peak efficiency. In fact, failure to schedule annual AC tune-ups leads to a 5% loss in efficiency each year. This means your cooling unit consumes more energy while maintaining indoor comfort levels.

The drop in efficiency levels can result from dust and dirt buildup in key components of your air conditioner over time. When too much debris accumulates in areas such as the coils and other mechanical parts, it negatively impacts your cooling unit’s ability to function. For instance, coils in your AC absorb and release heat from your indoor space and create energy to cool your house. Excess dirt and dust buildup around the coils force the AC to work harder, increasing cooling costs. Fortunately, you can improve your unit’s energy efficiency by getting your AC cleaned by a technician.

4. Fewer Repairs

Major AC repairs require a significant amount of money to fix. Your average AC repair costs can be up to two to 10 times more expensive than preventative maintenance. Also, keep in mind that a technician will likely take more time to respond to your call during peak hours.

If you have a well-maintained cooling unit, there are fewer chances of encountering a malfunction or the need for emergency repairs. Routine maintenance by a technician helps to catch potential or minor issues before they become significant problems. This is because a professional will thoroughly assess your entire system, ensuring every component is in good condition. As a result, your system works well in the long run and saves you lots of money.

5. Maintain Warranty Validity

When purchasing your AC, you’ll likely get a manufacturer’s warranty that covers various parts of your unit. However, you can’t automatically use this agreement whenever your AC has an issue within the warranty period. You’ll have to fulfill specific requirements for the dealer to cover the costs of various problems.

A yearly tune-up from a qualified technician is a key requirement in most warranty agreements. In case you attempt to perform preventative maintenance on your AC, you may not enjoy the benefits of your agreement. Still, skipping your annual maintenance service can void your warranty, no matter how well the unit performs. When you work with a professional, they understand how to keep your AC under warranty during maintenance. They will also provide the necessary documentation to show that your AC has undergone the proper tune-up procedures.

6. Better Indoor Air Quality

Before the summer, your cooling unit probably sits idle for several months. When you aren’t using your AC, a lot of dirt, grime, dust, and gunk may move in. If you decide to start using it without a tune-up, your home will be full of all these particles. The air quality will significantly decline, directly affecting your loved ones, especially those suffering from allergies.

An AC tune-up before the hot months is essential in improving indoor air quality. A technician will clean the exterior and interior of your unit to ensure your AC doesn’t circulate dust and other particles in your air. They may also recommend changing your air filters to ensure your home has good air quality.

7. Peace of Mind

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your AC suddenly malfunctions in the middle of the hottest summer days? The blistering heat can likely get you into panic mode as you look for a technician to respond quickly and restore your comfort levels.

You can avoid such cases by getting an air conditioner tune-up before the hot months kick in. This way, you will have peace of mind that your cooling system is ready to take you throughout the summer and the entire year. Plus, in case something does go wrong, you’ll have already taken the right steps to make the situation painless.

The Trusted AC Tune-Up Experts

An air conditioner keeps you and your loved ones cool when temperatures soar. Therefore, you should treat this vital appliance with the right care by scheduling tune-up services with a professional. Besides, your AC wears out over time, requiring a trained eye to spot potential issues and recommend the best solution. Preventative maintenance guarantees better performance, improved home comfort, better energy efficiency, peace of mind, and good IAQ.

Before the summer season, schedule an air conditioning tune-up with the experts at Summit Heating & A/C. Since 1998, we have remained committed to providing homeowners with reliable AC maintenance services. We will get the best out of your cooling unit because we value your home’s comfort. Our NATE-certified technicians use state-of-the-art tune-up methods, so no task is too complex for us to handle. You can trust our team to inspect your AC and eliminate any issues. Thanks to our top-grade services, your system will stay in perfect working condition in the long haul. We provide several services, including plumbing inspections, drain repair, mini-splits installation, pipe repair, water heater installation, sewer replacement, heating and AC maintenance, installation, and repair in Denver.

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