If you recently installed a window AC unit or an HVAC system, you might have noticed that an increased number of bugs have started appearing in your home. You are likely wondering if bugs can get into your home through the window AC or HVAC system; yes, they can.

How Is This Possible?

When your window AC was installed, there is a chance that a small gap remained around the contact points of the AC unit and the window. Bugs take advantage of these gaps to get into your home. The size of the bugs that get into your home depends on the size of the gaps. Just because you have smaller gaps, don’t assume that you will have fewer bugs in your home, as there are lots of smaller bugs that can still get in and undermine your comfort.

On the other hand, if you have an HVAC system, bugs can get into the house through return vents, ductwork, and tiny holes in the wall. You might also have bigger animals like bats living your ductwork, getting in your home, and becoming a nuisance. If bats live in your ductwork, the most disgusting thing is that the smell of their droppings will be spread throughout your home, making it unlivable.

Why Do Bugs Keep Getting Into Your House?

There can be holes around your portable AC unit, and the pathways and ductwork of your HVAC system can make your home feel like a bug magnet. Here are three reasons why bugs keep getting into your house:

  1. Bugs are attracted to light.
  2. During summer, bugs and bats will seek a cooler place to live.
  3. Your home might be a great source of food.

What Can You Do to Prevent This?

Summit Heating & AC is a distinguished heating and air conditioning company operating in the Denver Metro and the nearby counties. We have been in business for more than 20 years and have immeasurable experience helping homeowners in the region deal with their bug invasion problem after a window AC or HVAC system installation. Here are eight recommendations for putting an end to the bug invasion to get the maximum comfort in your home for your window AC unit and HVAC system.

For Window AC unit

Take Advantage of Duct Tape

It is speculated that you can find duct tape in almost every American home as it’s the solution to almost every problem. We can tell you that duct tape can stop bugs from getting into your home via gaps around your window AC unit. This is a cheap and straightforward fix that you can do in no time.

All you got to do is to identify the gaps and block them up with duct tape. If you are looking for total prevention, then placing duct tape all around the contact points of your window and portable AC is the way to go. If you have larger gaps, duct tape might not work well.

Plug the Gaps With Paper Towels

You may not have duct tape, but you definitely have paper towels. You can use paper towels to plug the gaps around your portable AC unit. This option is not suitable for fixing tiny holes, but it’s excellent for somewhat large holes.

If you want to make the fix more robust, soak the paper towels in water and squeeze them into the gaps. Use other paper towels to dry up the water that drips during the squeezing. Once the paper towels dry in place, you can back them up with duct tape for two-tier defense.

Fill the Gaps With Caulk

If you want something beyond a basic fix, caulk is for you. Several caulk options are available at the hardware store near you, but you should go for one that’s wood-friendly and removable. This is because you will likely have to replace your window AC unit in the future, which can be pretty tough if it’s stuck in place. We recommend rope chalk, which has left many of our clients very satisfied with the quick and affordable fix.

Install a Window Screen

Install a window screen outside to prevent bugs from getting to the gaps on your window. If you live in a high-rise building, we suggest you find an experienced AC technician to do the installation for you. Without specialized equipment, you can fall from the window during the installations and gravely injure yourself.

Moreover, when using a window screen to prevent bugs from getting into your home, combine with another fix like rope caulk or paper towels. This will stop cold or hot air from getting through the gaps and messing up your home’s interior temperature.

Install Cardboard

Cardboard is best for fixing large gaps left by the portable AC unit on the window. Likely, the window AC unit you get will only take half or three-quarters of your window. You should install cardboard to fill up the remaining part of the window. This fix has to be accompanied by the other options to plug up the small gaps.

For an HVAC system

Cover All the Vents and Ductwork Outlets

Install covers on all the vents and ductwork outlets. This would make it hard for bugs to get into the vents and ductwork. If they manage to get in, the vent and ductwork covers inside your house will stop them from reaching your leaving space.

Fix the Water Leak on Your Condenser

If your HVAC condenser unit outside has an issue, it might be leaking water. This water can attract bugs like roaches looking to quench their thirst. Some cockroaches will make a home in your condenser unit, and it won’t be long before they find their way into the house through your HVAC system. Therefore, you should fix the water leak on your condenser unit as soon as you notice it for it not to attract bugs to your HVAC system.

Stay on Top of Your Landscaping

If you have made a habit of neglecting your landscaping, this can be a recipe for disaster as many bugs will make their home there. The more bugs you have around your house, the more of them they are available to get through your vents and ductwork and into your house. You should stay on top of your landscaping and trim your grass often. If dealing with grass is a challenge for you, it’s time you consider setting up a rock garden, which is easier to manage.

Let Experienced Experts Handle Your AC Tune-Ups

At Summit Heating & AC, we are celebrated by many homeowners in Denver Metro and the neighboring counties for providing them with unrivaled air conditioning installation and tune-up services. In addition to this, we also handle water heater and air filtration and purification systems installation and repairs.

Are you worried that your HVAC unit is malfunctioning and you do not have enough money to have it checked by a qualified technician or replace it? We offer affordable financing options to homeowners like you to complete installation, replace, or repair your AC system. You can access a credit line of between $750 and $45,000 with flexible repayment terms from us. Get in touch with Summit Heating & AC for quick assistance for all your heating and air conditioning needs.

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