With a little knowledge and the proper tools, it is definitely possible to replace a toilet on your own. Nonetheless, if everything isn’t done correctly, it could quickly result in leaks and potentially serious water damage. There is also a chance to cause serious damage to your home’s plumbing system if you’re not careful. For this reason, the majority of people choose to hire a professional plumber when it comes time to replace one of their home’s toilets. Still, if you’re considering this, it is obviously important to have a good idea of how much the job will cost. With this in mind, here is a brief overview of average toilet replacement costs and the various factors that can impact the final price.

Average Cost to Install a Replacement Toilet

Statistics show that the cost for a toilet replacement typically ranges somewhere between $225 to $550, and the national average is around $375. This cost is only for the work involved in removing the old toilet and installing the new one, and it does not include the purchase price of the new toilet itself.

The biggest factor that impacts the price is the hourly rate that the plumber charges. The nationwide hourly rates for plumbers tend to range between $65 and $125 per hour, but there are some companies that may charge $200 an hour or more. In most cases, it will take an experienced plumber anywhere from two to four hours to remove the old toilet and install the new one. Still, the job could potentially take a few extra hours if the plumber runs into any unforeseen issues that also need to be repaired, and this additional work could potentially add several hundred dollars more on to the cost.

One factor that usually plays a big role in how much plumbers charge is their level of experience. Licensed plumbers with many years of experience tend to charge higher hourly rates than those who are less experienced. In addition, hourly rates can fluctuate quite a lot in different parts of the country and also based on how much competition there is in the area.

There are also plumbing companies that instead charge flat rates for toilet installations and other standard jobs. In this case, the price you are quoted should be the exact price you are charged as long as everything goes as it should. Still, even with a flat rate, you could still be charged additional fees if any unexpected issues arise during the process.

Other Factors That Can Affect the Cost

Although hourly rates are the primary determining factor in how much it costs to have your toilet replaced, there are additional factors that could potentially increase the total price. For instance, some plumbing companies charge additional costs for removing and disposing of the old toilet, while others figure this directly into the original price. Typically, disposal can add an additional $20 to $50 onto the total cost of the job.

There also may be additional costs for replacing a toilet that is located in the basement or on an upper floor of the building. Although this is not true for all plumbing companies, some do charge additional fees for having to carry the new and old toilets up and down the stairs since toilets tend to be quite heavy. For these reasons, it is important to discuss pricing before hiring a plumber to ensure that you know what is included and what additional costs you could be facing.

There are also numerous potential unexpected costs that may arise. For instance, the plumber may realize once the old toilet is removed that your plumbing isn’t up to code. Unfortunately, this can drastically increase the overall cost as professional plumbers are required by law to ensure that all new installations are up to code. There are also a number of less serious issues that can add to the labor and installation costs.

For instance, if the toilet flange is cracked or broken, it will need to be replaced before the new toilet can be installed. Depending on the type of toilet flange and your plumbing, this could either be a simple task or something quite a bit more complicated if you have a metal flange that is welded directly into your plumbing.

If your old toilet was leaking, it may also be necessary to replace part of your flooring or even part of the subfloor before installing the new toilet. These and other issues are part of the reason why toilet replacement costs can fluctuate so dramatically. Nonetheless, if your home’s plumbing is still in good shape and your old toilet wasn’t leaking, you should generally expect to pay somewhere around a few hundred dollars to have it replaced plus an additional hundred dollars or more to purchase the new toilet.

How Much Does a New Toilet Cost?

One other major factor that can have a huge impact on the total cost of replacing your old toilet is what type of new toilet you choose. If you’re only looking for a basic, two-piece toilet, you can usually get one for somewhere around $100. However, there are also some more advanced models that can cost well over $1,000. For instance, if you are looking for a toilet with a built-in bidet, this will definitely cost quite a bit more. As well, you can even choose extremely fancy models that have built-in lighting, music capabilities and numerous other bells and whistles.

Expert Toilet Replacement and Plumbing Services

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